Grow Your Wealth from Real Estate Investment in UK

For capital growth and stability, it is seems, London holds a special place for real estate investors. Although recession has had some adverse effect on the property market in many countries, especially the USA, London has always remained a favourite city for high profile investors.

Apart from capital growth, the financial stability of the City has drawn investors from far and wide, especially from the oil rich Gulf states. There is continuing demand for property portfolio both for capital growth as well as steady income from lettings.

The choice of property depends on one’s immediate or future needs. Some rich investors would buy a spacious villa for their family, as holiday or second home. Others would buy purely for investment and capital gain and as a regular source of income.

There are all types of property bargains going around the City, from £1,000,000 to £50,000,000 and so on, ranging from a block of flats, a hotel or even new developments.

The general rent yield from such investments can range from 5% to 15%, depending on the area, the type of property, it’s location in the city and the opportunity to get it at a discounted price e.g. from a forced sale or in an auction. Please reply stating your exact requirements and amount of cash you wish to invest.



Get  Non – Recourse Loan To Fund Your Projects for Less

Fund  Your Projects Easy and Fast

Loans available for any type of Project, e.g. Hotel purchase, Property development or build a Factory. A business plan will be required.

Funds may be available within 2-3 Weeks – as a Non-Recourse Loan (No Need to pay it back).

The borrowing can be from $10 million to $1 billion, for any viable project, located anywhere in the world.

The funds are given against a bank Instruments e.g. a BG or SBLC or MTN.

If the investor do not have one, it can be issued without any cost.

The Investor will get a non-recourse loan, against the instrument less facilitator’s  fees. All transaction are bank to bank and fully covered by a legal contract.

There are no upfront fees payable.

For full details  and  procedure,  please complete the form below stating ‘NON-RECOURSE LOAN’ in the subject line:

Private Placement Programs

You can enter these programs if you have cash or CD (minimum $1K ), OR a bank instrument or a valuable asset(gold, diamonds, artwork)

These programs are designed to help finance humanitarian projects and run by fully licensed and authorised traders.Profits range from  20% to 100% a month.

The contract is signed within a major bank, offering full security of the capital. Entry into these programs is by invitation only and at the discretion of the trade platform directors.

Please indicate your interest by completing the form below.












Mortgages Made Easy

Mortgage and Commercial Loans

Made Easy

– Get a mortgage for up to 8 times your income 

– Self-employed: Proof of Income – No SA302 required

– Repossessions: We Help Save Your Property 


Mortgages Types:

– Buy to Let (BTL)  including  First Time Landlords   
– Mortgages for Foreign Nationals 
– Mortgage for  people over 60 of age 


– Second Charge Loans:      Borrow up to 90% and pay  over 25 years.  

– Development Loans: 100% of Cost

– Commercial Loans:  Get up to 80% LTV

– Startup Loans:     up to £40,000 for new businesses 

Other Services:

– Insurance for Home Buyers: Building and Contents
– Solicitors:  lowest Fees
– Accountancy:  For all types of businesses. Business    Plans, VAT Returns, Tax Refunds

Make Easy Money: 

– Earn £2000 + month by referring people seeking  Finance

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